Wasting food is not a habit that is easy to examine within ourselves because we’d have to face the reality that we are misspending money, that we are contributing to carbon emissions or that someone else could have eaten that food if we hadn’t let it go to waste. When I began the Food Insecurity series, I had been reading and thinking a lot about this issue and was disappointed in how much food I, myself was throwing away.

Often enough, once the food was in the trash, it was out of my mind. I felt that I needed to observe my food waste to change my habits. Each piece started as a photograph of food that I had inadvertently let decay. I sought to transform the image from something repulsive to look at, into something that is pleasant to look at. In this way, the personal examination of food waste is facilitated by having a gentle reminder to be conscientious about how much food is being discarded.

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